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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saving Hundreds When Shopping Online

Nowadays buying things online is pretty common.
You can do anything from ordering a large pizza to buying that necklace you've had your eye on.
But, many people don't know that most of the websites were purchasing from often have promotional codes all the time for us to use when shopping on their sites.

By using a site called retailmenot.com, I've saved hundreds of dollars over the years just on online pizza orders alone!
Retailmenot.com is easy to use and reliable. You type in the site your planning to buy or order from in the search box. Then all the promotional codes for that site are listed and rated on how well they have worked for others.
I always use this site when ordering from dominos.com since they usually have free item or five dollar pizza codes. With multiple uses the savings really start to add up!
Although buying online often tags on an unwanted shipping cost, you usually can save more using promotional codes online than you would have if you were buying an item at the store!


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  1. that is amazing ...thanks for sharing Blainey.


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