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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saving Hundreds When Shopping Online

Nowadays buying things online is pretty common.
You can do anything from ordering a large pizza to buying that necklace you've had your eye on.
But, many people don't know that most of the websites were purchasing from often have promotional codes all the time for us to use when shopping on their sites.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to my page!

Hi everyone. 
I am so excited to share with you the tricks and tips I've learned to save and even MAKE money while shopping.  With a new little one on the way,  I am looking for ways to save and yet not sacrifice quality.

Tips include where and how to find the best coupons.  I will show you tricks to save on items you use everyday and even make a buck or two in the end.     For example I recently got Pringles chips for FREE,  Palmolive dish soap for 63cents, and a jumbo pack of Huggies diapers for $5!  And walked away with $5 in coupons towards my next visit. 

I can't wait to share.  See you on the next post!
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