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Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Start Couponing

When I started couponing, I didn't know where to start! It becomes overwhelming watching experienced couponers and you can get easily frustrated. So here is my guide to just getting started.

First, sign up for a weekly Sunday newspaper delivery. This is the easiest and most convenient way to get your coupons. You could also save money and ask a friend or neighbor for their coupons from the paper if they don't use them.
Second, get yourself a cheap accordion binder to keep your coupons in. You can buy them very cheap at dollar stores or office supply stores. Buy one with at least ten slots. You can also buy them pre-labeled or label the categories yourself.

Third, make a top ten list. One for food and one for non-food. Go though your pantry and find the top ten non perishable food items that you buy most often. Then next to the name of the item write the price you would usually pay for the item without coupons. Do the same for your top ten purchased non food items. With this list you will be able to look through local ads to find good sales on them. You dont always have to have a coupon for a good bargain.
Fourth, use websites to do the work for you. You may be thinking "how could I ever remember every single coupon I have and when to use them?". Coupon match-ups are when websites match sales ads to coupons from the newspaper. This way you will usually save even more on top of the weekly sales on products you use. You can find match-ups by searching Google using keywords such as "STORE NAME coupon match up" or "STORE NAME match up DATE".
Finally, don't become discouraged. You don't have to coupon every single week since it can get pretty overwhelming. Eventually it will become second nature and most importantly you will save lots of money!


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  1. I think your blog is awesome and your tips have saved me hundreds of dollars. Thank you!


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