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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Product Review: Itzbeen Care Tracker


The Itzbeen Baby Care Tracker is an amazing device for new moms. I recently bought one at my local Babies R Us for about $25.  The concept is simple and easy to use. 
Instead of writing down when you last fed your baby, you just press the feeding button and it starts a timer. It has four different care buttons: diaper changes, feedings, sleeping/awake time, and an extra button for whatever you choose. I use the extra button for when I give him gripe water for tummy aches.
You can also set timed alarms so once a care time passes a certain length the Itzbeen will beep and flash the care button red. This way you can set it to when you should get a bottle ready or measure out medicine.  The beeping can be muted as well using a switch on the side of the Itzbeen and the device will only flash for alarms.
For breastfeeding moms, there is a slider on the bottom that will remind you if your last feeding was left or right. 
For night time, there is a flash light function and a button to turn on the back-light.
Also there is a lock function so you can't accidentally hit a care button when you didn't mean to.
This device has made all the care scheduling a breeze for me! It's really nice for when you have a babysitter as well since they know exactly when the baby last ate, slept, and was changed so he won't be taken care of wrongly without you there.
With the Itzbeen, taking care of my baby is less stressful, easier, and there's a lot less crying!

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