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Friday, November 9, 2012

Budget: Weekly CVS and Walgreens Freebies

Each week CVS and Walgreens have specials that can save or even make you money with the use of their extra bucks programs.
In order to make money, you can use coupons on top of the great deal so in the end the store pays you to buy the product!
These deals are sometimes hard to spot in the sales ad though so I often use thekrazycouponlady.com to find the deals for me.
On that site you can click on the CVS or Walgreens tab to pull up the weekly savings and possible freebie buys. There are even posts that point out the exact coupons needed and where to find them in order to make money when buying products.

A few weeks ago CVS was running a sale where when you buy a box of tampons at six dollars you recieved six dollars back in extra bucks making the product free. However the tampon brand also had a printable coupon on their website for 1 dollar off. Therefore by using the coupon on top of the sale, you would pay five dollars and get six back in extra bucks. You make a dollar and recieve a free product!

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