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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunday Newspaper Inserts

The Sunday newspaper has coupon inserts that are full of coupons for products you probably already use and new products. They look like small booklets and are in the section with the weekly ads.
There is a Smart Source insert, RedPlum insert and P&G insert. Other inserts such as Target or Wal-mart are also in the paper on occasion. However, not all inserts are in the paper every week. Some, such as P&G, are only printed once a month. Usually the first or last Sunday of the month has the Most inserts depending on when the first of the month lands in the week. For example, the 10/30/11 newspaper had all of the inserts since the first was on a Tuesday.

Many newspaper companies provide a Sunday only or weekend only service at a reduced price. Call your local paper provider for details on what is available in your area. I have a Sunday only subscription and pay only $7 for 10 weeks instead of $1.50 each Sunday.
An extra advantage of having a subscription is that those newspapers get the coupon inserts first. Retail papers only get inserts if there are any extra leftover.


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