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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Coupon at Target

Target is a great store to coupon at for non-food items.
They take all manufacture coupons and also have their own store coupons.
Store coupons can be found at target.com by clicking the "coupons" button on the right of the page.
From there you can pick out what coupons you'd like and print them. Each coupon can be printed twice.
There are often coupons for $ off of clothing brands. By matching theses coupons up with clothes on the clearance rack, you can get cheap or even free clothes!
Target coupons can also be stacked with manufacture coupons. That means if there is a Target coupon and a manufacture coupon for a product, such as Iams cat food, you can use both coupons on a single product.
If your looking to purchase a large amount of items using coupons at Target, (your extreme couponer you...) you can pre-order stock so you aren't clearing the shelves and can get all the items you need at once. However, your pre-coupon total on the pre-ordered items must be over $100 for one type of item (ex. just Scope mouthwash) or $500 total for multiple items (ex. scope mouthwash, Iams cat food, Pantene Shampoo, and ect).
Also, Target often has giftcard deals so if you buy a certain item or certain amount of items, you recieve a Target giftcard. This is one way Target can offer products to it's customers below the price that the manufacture allows. These deals often are offered on baby formula, video games, diapers, prescriptions, movies, and electronics.
If you have any problems using coupons at Target, contact the salaried manager of the store. If the manager does not solve the problem, call the corporate number. Target usually is extremely helpful to couponers. Just make sure you have names of those who you had problems with, UPC codes of the products, and the coupon information prior to calling. If you aren't helped correctly, call back to get another customer service employee. Some are better than others.

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