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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do I Really Need a Coupon for Something I Never Buy?

After looking through your inserts, you may only see a few coupons you would actually use. However before tossing out the rest, ask yourself these questions:
1. If I can get this cheap enough would I use it?
2. If I can get this free would I use it?
3. If I can get this free can I give it to a family member or friend?
4. If I can get this free, would I be able to donate it?
Now, if you answer "yes" to any of those, look at the value of the coupon itself.

Think to yourself "what is the normal retail price of this item?". If the coupon is only $0.20 off a normally $10.00 item, you can doubt that the coupon will get you the item for free. Then depending on the item and the value of the coupon, you can either decide to save it and put into your coupon folder, or put it in an "extra" envelope.
An "extra" envelope is for all the coupons you don't plan on using. You don't have to organize them; just put all categories into one. Then if you have a friend or family member who coupons you can give it to them to look through.

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