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Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby: Saving On Products Using Your Registries

Since most first time moms have a baby shower, they usually also have one or more registries set-up at their favorite stores. Registries not only are there to help moms recieve products they like from friends and family though.
In many stores such as Target and Babies R Us, mothers recieve a
discount on products they didn't recieve at their showers. The discount varies from store to store but it is commonly around 15% off.
A smart idea is to register for products you know your going to have to get anyways and don't expect friends or family to buy. Wouldn't it be nice to save 15% on products such as cribs, travel systems, diapers, baby food, formula, and clothes?
You could even let your baby shower guests know your plan ahead of time so they don't spend their money on silly gifts such as that pack of Huggies you added.

Check with your local stores to see what discounts they offer and go to town!
Then come back to let us know where you find the best deals!


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