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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby: Free Pack N Play

Most cities now have women and child care centers that offer free or cheap services such as pregnancy tests and birth control. With a special grant from Bill Gates, most of these centers in the US now offer free Pack N Plays to expectant mothers in their 7th month of pregnancy.
The grant was to help reduce SIDS in America by giving mothers a safe place for their babies to sleep.

Call your local women and child care center or WIC office to see if they are offering the free product and when you could pick it up! Most offices only need proof of identification (so you only pick up one of them) and they will obviously be able to tell if your pregnant by your 7th month.

This is a great deal to take advantage of since you will save anywhere from 60 to 150 dollars!
Plus, it's always good to have an extra for when your at family and friends' houses.


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